Ranting time.

2016-08-14 01:23:00 by TheMGMGamer

I think there might be something slightly wrong with me.


I've been having some trouble feeling almost all emotions lately. Like, when I want to be happy, I can't feel anything. When I'm supposed to be sad, I feel nothing. Literally the only emotions I feel are boredom, depression, and anger. And most of the time, my anger is COMPLETELY misplaced and unnecessary. It's mostly over silly things; like losing to a certain boss in a video game over and over, or a certain computer program not cooperating, etc.


I just... I don't even know what's going on. I feel almost... I dunno, numb to most emotions now. Which I can't stand. I want to be able to feel normal emotions. I want to feel genuine happiness; I want to feel sadness when something saddening comes along... I'm tired of feeling hollow inside.


*sigh* Sorry. I just REALLY needed to get that off my chest.


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2016-08-14 02:15:52

Sounds like me from 2 years ago. You just got to find stuff you enjoy. You like audio, right? Maybe you can just play a station on Soundcloud and forget about the troubles. Let the music do the work for you.

TheMGMGamer responds:

Hey, good idea, man. Thanks! :)